How Not to Raise an Entitled Brat

Show Notes:

Are we raising a GENERATION of indulged & entitled brats?

Adults these days worry that we are raising a generation of entitled and indulged brats; here’s how prepare kids to be hardworking and successful.

Employers complain that millennials walk into their first jobs expecting the corner office without putting in the time and effort. What’s the solution?

The value of sweat equity & having skin in the game

Bring back words like sweat equity, having some skin in the game, being invested. Put these words into action.

Requiring kids to earn priviledges & freedoms

Start when your kids are young requiring them to earn freedoms, privileges, and things that they want.

Benefits of delaying gratification & earning things

Don’t just give, give, give; have them earn, delay gratification, and subsequently appreciate what they have. Working for things gives kids a sense of pride, self-efficacy, and fulfillment.

For more ideas about raising kids who are resilient grounded, read Dr. Jordan’s new book for young adults and their parents entitled:

Letters From My Grandfather: Timeless Wisdom For a Life Worth Living

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