Why is your child’s teacher quitting her job?

Show Notes:

Listen in to this sobering conversation as 2 teachers discuss the challenges they are facing with students, parents, and the educational system post covid.

Dr. Jordan discusses the effects of covid on students, teachers, and their educational progress in this interview with an assistant principal and a 7th grade teacher/supervisor. The following are the issues discussed in this podcast:

What’s going on for teachers today?

What we are hearing about teachers: unhappy, shortage of new teachers & people going into teaching, exodus of experienced teachers due to burnout & stress: what’s going on? What do you hear from your Ts? 

The pandemic burnout issues experienced by teachers

Student’s have developed an “I don’t care” ATTITUDE

How students have developed an attitude of, “Does anything matter anymore?” and the rising mental health issues seen in their students

Lack of support from administration and parents

How students are falling behind

Kids with huge deficits but lack support for catching them up

Mental health challenges of students

Changing behavior since covid; mental health challenges making teachers become social workers & therapists; how teachers are experiencing compassion fatigue.

Need for mentors for new teachers

How the teaching profession has changed

How has the profession of teaching changed? New teacher’s picture of what it will look like to teach does not match the reality of today’s classroom.

The effects of low pay and a lack of respect & appreciation for all that teachers must do today 

What do teachers need most?

What do teachers most need? How best to change/modify the system

For more resources on how to support your children, go to Dr. Jordan’s website at www.drtimjordan.com


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