How Youth Sports Are Negatively Affecting Our Daughters

Show Notes:

Today’s hypercompetitive & hyperspecialized youth sports are causing girls to experience more overuse injuries, anxiety, stress, and burnout.

Interview with author Linda Flanagan

Interview with author Linda Flanagan, author of Take Back the Game: How Money and Mania are Ruining Kids’ Sports — and Why It Matters

Topics discussed about youth sports culture & girls

The following are topics discussed in Dr. Jordan’s interview with author Linda Flanagan:

How have youth sports changed in the past 30 years and why did it occur, especially as it pertains to girls?

How have these changes affected girls?

How good girl conditioning negatively affects female athletes

Why do girls need to overcome good girl conditioning when it comes to advocating for themselves with coaches and sports leagues?

What parents can do to engender a healthy attitude about sports

Why we need more female coaches

Why would it be valuable if kids in youth sports, high school, and college to have more women coaches?

Youth athletes need breaks and the ability to quit their sports

What is the value of taking breaks from sports and balancing athletics with non-sports activities? Why should kids always have obvious & conscious off-ramps and the ability to quit their sport?

Why it’s time to eliminate collegiate athletics

How could eliminating college sports cause a trickle-down effect to lessen the mania of today’s youth sports culture?

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Take back the game: how money and mania are ruining kid’s sports- and why it matters

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