How Parents, Schools, and Our Girls Can Stop Cyberbullying

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Parents, schools, and girls themselves can learn to stop cyberbullying; here’s how.

Disturbing data on the rise in cyberbullying

Nearly half of teens say they have been cyberbullied, and it’s most prevalent in adolescent girls. Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The behavior is repeated or has the potential to be repeated over time. 

The different ways cyberbullying can look

The kinds of cyberbullying girls share about with me include: being pushed or blackmailed to send or resend nudes, someone turning a friend group or the whole class against someone, spreading false rumors that alienates someone, or being cancelled by someone who has an issue with them causing the girl to lose her friend group.

What types of girls are vulnerable to becoming targets of cyberbullying

Dr. Jordan discusses why some girls are targeted for cyberbullying including: passive, innocent girls who are sensitive and allow words to hurt; powerful girls who don’t go along with the queen bee, girls who hang out with the boys to stay out of drama creating jealous feelings from the other girls, girls who are different in their looks, interests, dress, ethnicity, family dynamics, LGBTQ kids, etc.

Reasons why girls may cyberbully a peer

Dr. Jordan offers some of the main reasons that girls may cyberbully their peers: as a way to feel powerful and in control; as a way to connect and have a sense of belonging in a group, due to the wiring of the teen brain especially mirror neurons, the effect of being online vs in-person; and because most girls start on phones and social media before they have the maturity and impulse control to handle it effectively

Readiness signs girls need to show that they are ready for social media

Learn some of the signs of readiness socially, emotionally, their level of self-responsibility, and how well girls keep their power. Dr. Jordan discusses some of the awareness and tools girls need to handle and prevent cyberbullying.

What parents and schools can do to prevent cyberbullying

Parents will learn some things they can do to best prepare their daughters to handle drama and cyberbullying. Dr. Jordan also lays out things schools can do to give girls the skills to prevent it and to take charge of their learning environment. 

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