Why Girls Need To Be Angry, Anxious, and Crying

Show Notes:

Understanding what your emotions are teaching you normalizes them & aids girls in managing them.

How feelings can teach you about yourself

Feelings Meanings: see feelings as vital sources of information and motivation, and that they are trustworthy. Emotional distress often prompts our most growth-giving actions and lessons. We need to help girls get comfortable with the reality that they will at times have to live with emotional discomfort, distress, and uncertainty.

Normalizing emotions

Good mental health is having the right feelings at the right time and being able to manage those emotions effectively. This quote from author Lisa Damour is exactly spot on, so help your daughters normalize all of their emotions.

How Feelings overload causes anxiety, anger, & depression

Dr. Jordan describes the concept of overload symptoms that leak out due to feelings having built up to the point of overwhelm. These include symptoms like having a hard time falling asleep, snapping angrily at others or themselves, anxiety, and depression. We need to be slower at pinning diagnose on girls and medicating them as the first line treatment for things like anxiety and depression.

What common emotions like anxiety, anger, & stress are telling girls

Listen to Dr. Jordan describe what emotions might be telling your daughters, including: anger, anxiety, sadness and depression, disappointment, uncertainty, crying, urges and intuition, stress, frustration, and peer pressure. 

Listen to this podcast with your daughter and discuss her emotions and what they might be teaching her about herself.

For more information on the emotional lives on girls, check out Dr. Jordan’s online parenting course, Parenting girls: The challenges girls face today with their feelings and friends and what they need


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