Why Is My Daughter So Lonely?

Show Notes:

Learn the many reasons why girls may feel lonely & disconnected, including friendship drama & social media.

Statistics on loneliness in kids and adults

Dr. Jordan shows mental health stats of college women, including large numbers who feel very lonely and isolated. You will also hear stats about the high level of loneliness and disconnection amongst today’s adults.

Dr. Jordan describes the many reasons behind girls feeling lonely learned from working with girls in his counseling practice, retreats, summer camps (Camp Weloki For Girls), and school program (Strong Girls, Strong World).

Friendship issues that cause girls to feel lonely

Friendship drama, exclusion, and the resulting negative spiral of beliefs

The difficulty some girls have in finding like-minded peers who get them and connect with their interests

Old souls who have a hard time finding peers who match their level of maturity and depth

Parent & family issues that contribute to girl’s loneliness

Living with distracted parents and divorced parents

Overwhelming feelings cause a feeling of disconnection

The feelings overwhelm many girls experience from stuffing their emotions

The lack of safe spaces girls experience where they are free to be authentic, vulnerable, and real

How high performing groups create trust & closeness

Learn what the best group cultures do to bring safety, trust, and closeness to their organization, team, or group

How electronic devices & social media increases girl’s loneliness

Dr. Jordan describes the effects of electronic devices and social media on our ability to feel safe, process other’s emotions and intentions, develop empathy and compassion for others, and our ability to develop intimacy and closeness with others


2 books by Sherry Turkle: Alone Together; Reclaim Conversation

The Culture Code by Daniel Coyle

Smart Girls, Gifted Women by Barbara Kerr

Contact Dr. Jordan at www.drtimjordan.com


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