Teaching Girls How to Make Better Decisions

Show Notes:

Dr. Sheila Ohlsson discusses her book, Wise Decisions, about how to teach girls to make better decisions.

The following are topics discussed with author Dr. Sheila Ohlsson:

How to reframe old negative beliefs that become girl’s harmful inner voice

Creating your end in mind

How girls can create their own end in mind, or per Dr. Ohlsson, their Y.O.D.A. your own decision advisor, to help direct their decision-making

Accessing & using your intuition

How to access and trust their inner voices: cultivate quiet time, tune into their body symptoms and their gut and urges and their heart to know what’s right for them

How to not get overwhelmed with choices

How girls can use their end in mind as a north star to avoid being overwhelmed by having so many choices to sift through about colleges, majors, and careers

Finding your purpose

How to trust that finding their purpose is a process and that their life will unfold naturally if they follow their intuition and end in mind

For more information about Dr. Ohlsson and her book, Wise Decisions: a science-based approach to making better choices, check out her website at www.sheilaohlssonwalker.com 

Also, have your daughter read Dr. Jordan’s book, Letters From My Grandfather: Timeless Wisdom For a Life Worth Living for more insights and tools about making good life decisions

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