Food Fights and Bedtime Battles: Redirecting Everyday Power Struggles

Show Notes:

Reasons kids engage parents in power struggles

Dr. Jordan many reasons why kids engage us in power struggles including: feel disconnected from distracted parents, intense & powerful temperament, autocratic parenting style, being tired or hangry or overstimulated, pushed to conform to other’s expectations

How parents get triggered & find it hard to disengage

Learn also the need for parents to understand why their child might trigger them to get angry and engaged in these conflicts, including old issues/feelings from our paths; (see Dr. Jordan’s past podcast describing ghosts in the nursery at this link)

Learn why and how it is so critical to stay disengaged from power struggles

Ways to proactively give kids appropriate power

Learn the many ways to proactively give kids power as the best preventative medicine to avoiding these conflicts, including giving kids more say-so, control, and decision-making, allow them to solve their own problems and be more responsible, giving them places to be more valuable and helpful and in charge, shift from a rules/punishment to an agreements/accountability model, and let go of knowing what’s best for them. 

More resources about redirecting & preventing power struggles

For an indepth look at redirecting and preventing every day power struggles, read Dr. Jordan’s book,  Food Fights and Bedtime Battles: A Working Parents Guide to Negotiating Daily Power Struggles

Visit Dr. Jordan’s website for more resources at


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