When and How to Educate Girls About Puberty and Periods

Show Notes:

Gynecologist Dr. Maggie Abraham discusses how to educate girls about the physical changes from puberty and about menstruation management.

When should you start talking to girls about puberty?

Dr. Maggie Abraham is a board-certified OB-GYN with subspecialty training in pediatric and adolescent gynecology. She shares her expertise about educating girls about their bodies.

What info about puberty do girls need to know?

Learn about when to start conversations about the upcoming changes that puberty will bring, including weight gain and body changes.

How to educate girls about normal & abnormal periods

Learn about how to educate your daughter about menstruation, including its purpose and also about abnormal periods (excessive pain or bleeding) and possible hormonal therapy.

Info gynecologists can share about sex education

Dr. Abraham also discusses the kind of counseling girls need in regard to sex education

For more great information about Dr. Abraham and her programs for girls, go to https://thegynspace.com or @the_gyn_space


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