005: Absent Dads

3 high school girls candidly discuss the effects of not having a dad present in their lives

Show Notes:

Effects of absent dads at different ages

 3 high school girls candidly discussing the effects of not having a dad present in their lives at different ages

The range of emotions they experienced, having to grow up more quickly than their peers 

What girls decide about themselves due to absent dads

  • Negative decisions girls make about themselves because of their dad’s behaviors
  • Ÿ How dad’s absence affects their current behavior with guys and their vision for future relationships/ marriage

How dad’s dating affected their daughters

The challenges of dads having multiple dating partners over the years

How girls coped with dating partners and stepmoms

The effects on girl’s own dating behaviors

The girls discussed the need for attention from guys and having to experience unhealthy dating relationships of their own

The girls discussed their worries about finding a good husband someday

The importance of finding dad substitutes

The girls discuss the value of fill-in dads like grandfathers and teachers and coaches

We also discuss how to give girls more control over their lives during and after divorces

Contacting Dr. Jordan: www.drtimjordan.com

For an in-depth conversation about the emotional lives of girls, check out Dr. Jordan’s online parenting course, Parenting girls: The challenges girls face today with their feelings and friends and what they need

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