The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly About Being in your Twenties

Show Notes:

Why 20-somethings get so stressed & anxious

A lot of 20-somethings view 20s as a time for fun, but that is faulty thinking. 80% of life’s most defining moments take place by 35, earning power is decided in your 1st 10 years, brain & personality change more during 20’s than at any other time before or after

The 20s is a time of lots of choices & greater freedom, but 20-somethings may experience this as a two-edged sword as it creates confusion and anxiety and uncertainty

Why acquiring Identity Capitol is so important

Meg Jay describes what identity capitol is and how 20-somethings can become aware of what they’ve learned about themselves up till now. Identity capitol is personal assets, what we have to show for how we have spent our time, investments we make in ourselves, aptitudes, interests, passions, how we present ourselves, solve problems, cope with life’s ups and downs, hobbies, life experiences; how you resolved your identity crisis; it’s valuable to assess what your past life experiences say about you and your future

We discussed the potential cost of being underemployed and being too focused on not wanting to settle

Relationships in your 20s

Dating and relationships was also discussed: the choice of who you marry is more important for long term happiness than what college you go to; age 30 deadline, angst if still unmarried and feel behind and pressured to find someone; the importance of our self-perceived mate value: people spend more time planning a wedding than they do planning a relationship, should spend time and money on retreats, therapy, personal growth

We discussed the critical shift from being wanted to wanting = what do you want and deserve?

The biologic clock is real as far as having children; you can use that urgency to help 20-somethings plan their futures instead of being anxious and stressed

Effect of an immature brain on the behavior of 20-somethings

What is the effect of the frontal lobe not fully wired until sometime between 20-30? Opportunity for new connections that won’t happen again in our lives, never be so quick to learn new things, 20 somethings who use their brain by engaging in good jobs and real relationships are learning the language of adulthood right when brain primed to learn it

Planning for your future

20-somethings can Make a rough plan for your life over the next 10 years: love, work, education, money, travel, friends, family, health, habits, purpose

Contact Meg Jay: The Defining Decade: Why 20-somethings Matter

Contact Dr. Jordan:

Another great read for your young adults is Dr. Jordan’s book, Letters from My Grandfather: Timeless Wisdom For a Life Worth Living


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