Show Notes

Listen in as Dr. Jordan describes 12 ways that girls can keep their power in order to build confidence and self-esteem.

Advocate for yourself

Know what you want and ask for it.

Become inner-directed

Not care what others think or let judgments affect you

Redecide old NEGATIVE BELIEFS about yourself

Redecide (-) beliefs from past experiences and be in charge of their stories

Take full responsibility for your feelings, reactions and actions

Have the courage to handle conflicts & Set boundaries

Handle conflicts directly & effectively

Set clear firm boundaries= take care of you:

Catch if comparing self: switch & keep focus internal; acknowledge the other person vs. make it mean something (-) about you

Trust your intuition

Trust your intuition no matter what and act from it

Engage in your passions & find your tribe

Engage in your passions

Surround yourself with loving, supportive people

Be True to yourself

Define and express your authentic self

Redefine power, strength, and leadership on your terms

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