Burned out youth athletes: it’s time to abolish college athletic scholarships

It’s time to abolish college sports and thus scholarships for athletes, and return the focus on campus to education. More importantly, this might have a trickle-down effect to lessen the pressure of youth sports. The $10.6 billion-dollar revenue of NCAA sports is matched today by a youth sports economy that brings in about $15.3 billion, a 55% increase since 2010. Like college sports, youth sports … [Read more...]

040: The Ups and Downs of College Freshmen

Three women discuss their experiences and several other topics related to their first few months of college, including: adjustment to new life, homesickness, the sorority rush process, downside of phones and social media, boys, and the social awkwardness of their generation. … [Read more...]

Best antidote to bullying: 86,400 reasons to not sweat the small stuff

The lesson of the following story applies so well to the girls that I work with and the issue of bullying. You have $86,400 in your account and someone stole $10 from you; would you be so upset with them that you’d be willing to throw all of the $86,400 away in hopes of getting back at the person who took your $10? Or move on and live? Right, you’d move on and live. See, we have 86,400 seconds … [Read more...]

039: Dads are NOT male moms!

In this podcast, Dr. Jordan will describe research on the effects of having a father involved in the lives of daughters. You will also learn the value of two unique ways that dads interact with girls: rough and tumble play, and teasing and bantering. Lastly, Dr. Jordan will explain the importance of dad modeling a respectful relationship with their daughters and their spouse as the template for … [Read more...]

Sexual harassment begins in the hallways of middle school

The Harvey Weinstein saga might hopefully shine a light on a problem much closer to home: the issue of teen girls being sexually harassed at school. Adolescent girls get groped primarily in the hallways and classrooms at school, but girls also experience guys grinding on them on the dance floor at mixers and any place where they are not supervised. Sexual harassment is so common that many girls I … [Read more...]

Is it time to do away with homework?

Every kid complains of excessive homework, but these days many parents have joined the chorus of “More may not be better”. We’ve all become slaves to the prevailing notion that the primary focus of childhood should be getting top grades, taking AP classes, and building your college résumé while ignoring skills like social-emotional intelligence, critical thinking, and the arts. Grade school has … [Read more...]

Worst parents ever! The 7 habits of highly unsuccessful parents

One thing I find that all parents have in common is the fear that they are THE worst parents on the block. They worry they are becoming the worst version of their own parents. Perhaps worst of all is their anxiety that everyone is watching and judging them, and everyone agrees that you are doing a crappy job. So I thought I’d lay out 7 of the worst habits of highly unsuccessful parents I have met … [Read more...]

Cinderella complex: why some girls are doomed to a life of depression

What does a modern day Cinderella look like? I know the answer because I have met several such maidens recently. What they don't need is a diagnosis like 'Cinderella complex', but more support so that they aren't doomed to a life of depression, resentment and despair. The names have been changed for the following girl's stories. Molly’s older sister Kate has had frequent meltdowns for … [Read more...]

Touched by an angel and the innocence of children

I met an angel recently; no, really. She was disguised as a sweet, four-year-old girl who sat next to me at an outdoor theater production of The Little Mermaid. I actually saw lots of angels that evening, and the glow of their innocence really touched me. Thousands of little and big girls had come out to watch this timeless musical, and many were decked out in mermaid costumes and dresses. You … [Read more...]

How parents are destroying Millennial’s work ethic

I hear a lot of angst and criticism regarding the work ethic of Millennials, some of which is deserved. There has also been much written about how often this age group job-hops. The new normal for Millennials is to change jobs four times by age 32, double the amount of Gen Xers. These young adults are projected to have worked 14 jobs by the time they hit 40 compared to the 11 jobs worked by baby … [Read more...]