Is it time to do away with homework?

Every kid complains of excessive homework, but these days many parents have joined the chorus of “More may not be better”. We’ve all become slaves to the prevailing notion that the primary focus of childhood should be getting top grades, taking AP classes, and building your college résumé while ignoring skills like social-emotional intelligence, critical thinking, and the arts. Grade school has … [Read more...]

Worst parents ever! The 7 habits of highly unsuccessful parents

One thing I find that all parents have in common is the fear that they are THE worst parents on the block. They worry they are becoming the worst version of their own parents. Perhaps worst of all is their anxiety that everyone is watching and judging them, and everyone agrees that you are doing a crappy job. So I thought I’d lay out 7 of the worst habits of highly unsuccessful parents I have met … [Read more...]

Cinderella complex: why some girls are doomed to a life of depression

What does a modern day Cinderella look like? I know the answer because I have met several such maidens recently. What they don't need is a diagnosis like 'Cinderella complex', but more support so that they aren't doomed to a life of depression, resentment and despair. The names have been changed for the following girl's stories. Molly’s older sister Kate has had frequent meltdowns for … [Read more...]

Touched by an angel and the innocence of children

I met an angel recently; no, really. She was disguised as a sweet, four-year-old girl who sat next to me at an outdoor theater production of The Little Mermaid. I actually saw lots of angels that evening, and the glow of their innocence really touched me. Thousands of little and big girls had come out to watch this timeless musical, and many were decked out in mermaid costumes and dresses. You … [Read more...]

How parents are destroying Millennial’s work ethic

I hear a lot of angst and criticism regarding the work ethic of Millennials, some of which is deserved. There has also been much written about how often this age group job-hops. The new normal for Millennials is to change jobs four times by age 32, double the amount of Gen Xers. These young adults are projected to have worked 14 jobs by the time they hit 40 compared to the 11 jobs worked by baby … [Read more...]

Depression? Suicidal thoughts? Best tool for girls is to savor the moment

One of the best tools I have found to counter depression and anxiety in girls is for them to “savor each moment”. Teens today are scurrying around busy and distracted, and often don’t spend time taking in the good things surrounding them. People with depression often focus on the negatives and what they don’t have vs. what they do possess. Learning to savor the moment is the perfect antidote to … [Read more...]

Why men like big booties: it’s not what you think

Believe it or not, scientists have found that men around the world are particularly attracted to women with a back that curves exactly 45 degrees above the top of her buttocks. The researcher also found the structure of the spine itself, rather than just the backsides’ fat and muscle, is the attraction. So men who think they like big bottoms may actually be more into spines than booties. Before … [Read more...]

Sitting alone at lunch: the saddest girls I know

The saddest girls I know are worried every morning before they go to school. Will anybody greet me at my locker? Will anyone pick me for the project? Most importantly, will I have anyone to sit with at lunch? It breaks my heart to hear girls talk about sitting alone at lunch each day. Ellie, 17, finally stood up to the Queen Bee in her friend group, resulting in the whole group ditching her. … [Read more...]

8 reasons to not worry about 13 Reasons Why

When it comes to TV shows like 13 Reasons Why, don’t be afraid and reactive; be present and proactive. Working with girls for over 30 years and having read a lot of history books has given me a different perspective than most people when it comes to teen issues like sexuality, grades, or the latest hot topic to arouse angst; in this case, the TV series 13 Reasons Why. For those of you who … [Read more...]

“Un-Words” girls desperately need to gain self-esteem and happiness

I have come across a slew of “UN-Words” that describe some essential qualities all girls require for a healthy transformation from a girl to a woman. These virtues are also needed for gaining self-esteem, passion, and happiness. Unreachable: Girls need to have times in each day when they are unplugged from technology, where their friends can't get a hold of them. Why? So they have time to … [Read more...]