Raising Amazing Daughters: A Primer for Dads

Show Notes:

Dads have a unique role to play in raising confident, successful, amazing daughters.

Benefits to having an involved father in the home

Dr. Jordan discusses research about the benefits of having an involved father in the home: less likely to be poor, perform better in school, less likely to abuse alcohol, drugs, or to be sexually active as teenagers, and less mental health disorders like anxiety and depression 

Unique ways that dads interact with Daughters

Many ways that dads parent differently than moms are presented along with their benefits to girls including changing nursery rhyme verses, teasing and bantering, handling conflicts directly, being more directive with discipline, teaching problem-solving, rough and tumble play, staying detached when need be, making decisions based on what you feel to be right, and encouraging risk-taking and adventures.

Specific ways dads can parent girls

Dr. Jordan shares specific examples of ways to parent girls including being fully present, how to be a good listener, modeling relationships by how you treat them and their mom, respecting their boundaries and stopping when they say no, focusing on non-physical qualities, teaching them to be image and media savvy, showing them the difference between being aggressive vs. assertive, and connecting over her interests.

Dr. Jordan discusses the value of sharing your stories about when you were her age so she knows you can relate and understand what she’s going thru.

How you can be and remain your daughter’s hero

Finally, most little girls look up to their dad as their hero, but dad really can be her hero when he forms a truly loving and supportive relationship with his daughter. The bond between father and daughter can influence her self-esteem, future relationships, and career success.

For some invaluable information about empowering girls to become confident leaders, read Dr. Jordan’s latest book, She Leads: A Practical Guide for Raising Girls Who Advocate, Influence, and Lead

She Leads
She Leads

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