Follow the Yellow Brick Road: What Dorothy Can Teach Teen Girls

Show Notes:

Dorothy’s heroine’s journey illustrates how girls must face their fears and overcome adversities in order to gain the strength and resources to face the adult world.

What is the heroine’s journey?

Dr. Jordan briefly describes the heroine’s journey that all girls must embark on in order to grow into strong, courageous adults. Dr. Jordan’s Heroine’s journey podcast 8-5-21

Critical aspects of girl’s journey to adulthood

Using many examples from the movie, Dr. Jordan brings out different aspects of girl’s growth towards adulthood as shown metaphorically in the movie including:

-How facing your fears and just showing up is a huge piece of the journey

-How girls must overcome challenges and embrace all parts of herself as exemplified by the scarecrow (intellect, intuition, and street smarts), the tin man (compassion, service), lion (courage, facing and overcoming fears), Glinda (spirituality), and the wizard (Inner knowing).

-How we all already possess what we often desire the most

Women in the Wizard of Oz are the primary power holders

Dr. Jordan also notes that women are the primary power holders in the movie: Miss Gulch, Glinda, the wicked witch of the west

By movie’s end, Dorothy has pulled back the curtain to see things as they really are, accumulated the wisdom to create her heart’s desire, and is ready to meet the world as an adult.

Parent’s role in supporting theri daughters along their heroine’s journey

Parent’s role in their daughter’s heroine’s journey: Help girls understand, be aware of their heroine’s journey, normalize the uncertainty and anxiety around touch points; it’s okay to struggle and face uncertainty and be faced with adversities and challenges, they will need mentors besides their parents, the need for quiet alone time to reflect, process thru and integrate experiences

Parents need to share their stories so daughters know that they too can get thru the challenges of the journey, and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel; teach the self-compassion piece about universal experience that past people have gotten thru this journey so you will too.

For more info on how to support your daughter along their heroine’s journey, read Dr. Jordan’s book, Sleeping Beauties, Awakened Women: Guiding the Transformation of Adolescent Girls


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