How Might You Be Causing Your Daughter’s Anxiety?

Show Notes:

Listen in and learn some ways that parents may be contributing to or causing their daughter’s anxiety.

Ways that parents cause anxiety in their children:

Kids reflect the adults around them

Kids reflect the adults around them: kids may mirror their parent’s anxieties and worries. This is especially true for parents who have an untreated anxiety disorder

Kids may respond to traumatic experiences like child abuse or parent’s fighting or domestic violence by becoming anxious. These kinds of experiences may cause their amygdala to be overly sensitive to experiences that then more easily trigger anxiety.

What are ghosts in the nursery?

The concept of ghosts in the nursery and the vulnerable child syndrome was the topic of an old podcast of mine on 3-24-22, so review that for more info on this phenomenon.

Being overly cautious and constantly warning kids about potential dangers

Focusing on achievement over character causes anxiety

Focusing on achievement more than character can cause increased anxiety in children. An excessive pressure to excel is described also as a cause of anxiety in kids.

Don’t mine for pain!

What can parents do about their daughter’s anxiety?

What can parents do? Dr. Jordan describes several ways parents can avoid the above issues that cause and contribute to children’s anxiety. Listen, get in their shoes & empathize, stay kind but don’t join their emotions.

My past podcast interview with author Meg Jay on adversities kids face: 6-23-21


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