A Mother’s Story of Abuse, Tragedy, and Love

Blue star grit: A mother’s journey of triumph and tragedy raising a defiant child into an exceptional leader

Show Notes:

Show NotesListen to author Ginny Luther’s story about learning how to raise her independent-minded son Bart, the childhood traumas he triggered in her, and the tragic story of his death in the military.

Temperament of tough-to-parent children

Temperament of many natural born risktakers: independent-minded, intense, risk-takers, physical, restless, active, love the outdoors. These kids are often described as: hyperactive, wild, can’t sit still, out-of-control, impulsive, ODD, ADHD, not listen, don’t like to be told no, want things their way, intense, stubborn, willful, like a wild colt kicking against the slats of their corral.

How to Redirect & prevent power struggles

Discover how Ginny learned to connect with Bart, stay detached from his power struggles, and how to empower him to get the best from him.

Past issues our children trigger in us

Listen as author Ginny Luther describes how her son triggered old memories of her abusive childhood and how she learned to grow thru them so that they didn’t interfere with parenting her son.

The heart WRENCHING story of Bart’s tragic death in the military

Listen to Ginny describe her son Barts experiences in the military and his tragic death at the hands of a soldier in his platoon. Ginny also describes the grieving process she went thru as well as the foundation she and her husband Jack founded in Bart’s name: Blue Star Parents. You can find information about the foundation at bartsbluestar.org 

Here’s the link to Ginny Luther’s new book: Blue star grit: A mother’s journey of triumph and tragedy raising a defiant child into an exceptional leader

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