Get Outside & Play! Why It’s So Critical For Kids

Show Notes:

Research shows that time in nature is associated with improved mental health, decreased stress, enhanced creativity and prosocial behaviors, and increased connection to each other.

Positive mental health benefits from time in nature

This podcasts describes the research behind the positive effects of more contact and interaction with nature, including: reduced anger, fear, and stress and the production of stress hormones. Being in nature is good for improving concentration and decreasing the mental fatigue associated with living in stressful urban environments. urban environments require what’s called directed attention, which forces us to ignore distractions and exhausts our brains. In natural environments, we practice an effortless type of attention known as soft fascination that creates feelings of pleasure, not fatigue.

Interactions with nature also creates positive restorative outcomes related to stress reduction, relaxation, tranquility, escapism, physical exercises, increased longevity, and recovery from sickness.

The benefits of bird watching and bird songs

Dr. Jordan describes the positive effects of bird-watching and listening to birdsongs either in person or via recordings.

Understand nature deficit disorder

This podcast also discusses the findings of Dr. Richard Louv in his insightful book, Last child in the woods: saving our children from nature-deficit disorder, including the link between access to greenspace and attention deficit disorder and children’s well-being. 

How kids benefit from time in nature

Dr. Jordan also discusses the benefits of time in nature for children in particular including: building confidence, promoting creating creativity and imagination, teaching responsibility, getting kids moving, and encouraging kids to think. 

How nature connects us to each other & the larger world

Nature in many ways also connects us all to each other and the larger world and read here of the research that demonstrates this benefit.

Ideas for incorporating time in nature at home

Dr. Jordan also describes in detail some ideas about how parents can increase their children and family’s engagement in nature. He gives lots of ideas of activities to do together with your children outdoors, as well as fun outdoor activities he does with the girls who attend his weekend retreats and summer camps at Camp Weloki for girls

sunflower hike

ways that families could connect with the natural world: Nature Activities for Families article

bird-watching ideas link

bird feeder-2

Listen to Dr. Jordan’s previous podcast where he interviews the author of the bookNo Boundaries book podcast, 2-24-22 describing some eminent women who are doing some unique, groundbreaking work in nature; the book will provide your girls some role models for working in nature. 

For information on Dr. Jordans weekend retreats & summer camps for girls, click on this link: Camp Weloki for Girls


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