How To Turn Physical & Emotional Scars into Beauty

Show Notes:

Dr. Jordan discusses how girls can reframe past experiences & scars into healthy stories

Turning scars into beauty exercise

Dr. Jordan describes an exercise he did with his high school campers where they visualized any scars they carry, physical or emotional, from past experiences & which carried strong emotions. The girls then painted something positive and beautiful over their scars where previously they’d seen only brokenness or pain or bad memories.

Girl’s stories about ADVERSITIES & scars

Listen to the stories of the kinds of scars girls carry and the harmful effects on them.

Ways to help girls reframe trauma scars into something beautiful

Learn some of the ways that Dr. Jordan helped these girls look at their scars in a different light: reframe past negative beliefs with his spiral of beliefs process; visualization of passing shame back to the person who deserves it, not you; journaling your story & what you want to let go of; write a letter to the person who hurt you & then burn it; link to Dr. Jordan’s teaching kids to forgive and move on podcast

How Kintsugi shows that beauty can be found in imperfection

Journaling about the lessons and gifts you received from the past trauma and scars: learn about Kintsugi, the Japanese art form of repairing broken pottery with gold to represent the idea that beauty can be found in imperfection. 

How trauma creates the beneficial “steeling effect”

Dr. Jordan also discusses the “steeling effect” of exposure to some hardship steels us against impact of future ones. Listen to Dr. Jordan’s previous podcast interview with author Meg Jay (Meg Jay podcast: How to help kids gain resilience and thrive from adversity

Click on this link for Dr. Jordan’s podcast on the above-mentioned process of “the spiral of beliefs”

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