Best gift for your child: Words that melt their heart

Oftentimes the presents that are most meaningful to a child are not things but rather non-material expressions of affirmation and love. The following story is a prime example of this type of gift.

A mother made her six-year-old daughter Sally sit on a stool to cut her hair on Christmas eve. Sally was resisting her mom’s efforts for two reasons. One, she loved her long, blond locks and two, she wanted to help her dad decorate the tree. So, she sat there looking glum as her mom cut off long strands of her hair. Sally’s dad noticed her long face and felt sorry for her. He interrupted his tree decorating to gather up her long strands of cut hair. Walking over to the tree, he began to place her hair on branches of the tree, like tinsel, saying, “This year we’re going to have REAL angel hair on our tree.”

Look for opportunities this holiday season to offer your children words of affirmation, understanding, encouragement, and love. Happy holidays!

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