How to Get Your Daughter Invested in Service & Making a Difference in the World

Show Notes:

An interview with Sarah Evans, founder of Well Aware, about how to connect kids to a cause that makes a difference in the world & in their self-esteem.

Sarah Evan’s NFP Well Aware

Sarah Evans founded the not-for-profit Well Aware, which funds and implements lasting clean water systems to drive development & empower communities in East Africa with the goal of getting clean water infrastructure to rural, developing areas.

Sarah Evans describes her background using Dr. Jordan’s Dot Theory; she discusses her path and journey that led her to her passion for making a difference in Africa by building wells.

Impact of service work on her 12-year-old daughter

She also discusses the effect her work has had on her 10-year-old daughter and what her daughter learned during her recent visit to Africa with her mom.

Benefits of service work for kids

Learn how being connected to a cause or purpose helps kids understand what’s important and how they’re important by contributing to causes through helping even in small ways.

How parent’s modeling is key

Dr. Jordan and Sarah also discuss how valuable it is to communicate what you do for work to your children, especially as it relates to helping other people. They also discuss how to explain hard to understand issues and problems to young children.

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