Covid’s Lingering Social and Academic Effects On Teenagers

Show Notes:

Dr. Jordan interviews 4 young adult women about the lingering social & academic effects from covid.

Topics discussed in this interview:

What grade were you in when covid hit & you had to go virtual?

What did you like, dislike about virtual learning?

What was it like for you socially when you 1st returned to in-person school? 

Any lingering effects socially from your covid experience? Still social awkwardness among peers? Anxiety? 

What did you learn about yourself? Any gifts from the experience?

Describe what you learned about coping with adversity & uncertainty from covid and any strengths you discovered that you didn’t know you had.

What advice would you give to parents about supporting their kids academically and socially with the lingering effects of covid in mind?

For a deeper understanding of girl’s social and emotional lives, check out Dr. Jordan’s online course,  Parenting girls: The challenges girls face today with their feelings and friends and what they need.  

Parenting Girls

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