The Recipe For Success Contains These Key Ingredients

Show Notes

Girls need to decide what success & having it all means for them, & to develop the following qualities to achieve a fulfilling life.

The following are key ingredients for achieving success:

Create your own end in mind, click here for link to Dr. Jordan’s previous podcast on beginning with the end in mind

Autonomy creates engagement which then develops mastery

How the pursuit of fulfillment leads to success

The pursuit of fulfillment will lead them to success, not the other way around

Being allowed to solve your own problems and overcome obstacles and challenges helps girls to develop grit, resiliency, and self-efficacy which in turn creates more optimism and hopefulness

The value of trusting your intuition

Learn to trust and follow your intuition, click here for link to Dr. Jordan’s previous podcast on teaching girls to make better decisions

How successful adults found their calling

Teach girls that most successful adults zig-zagged their way to their calling and success, they didn’t go in a straight line at 18 years directly to their calling

Learning to cope with self-doubt & uncertainty

Learn to cope with feelings of inadequacy, self-doubt, and uncertainty, click here for link to Dr. Jordan’s previous podcast on Sunday Scaries & Trigger Warnings

Be willing to take risks, make mistakes, learn, and retry

Retain your curiosity, love of learning, and creativity

Embrace your feminine energies and leadership qualities; Instead of making girls change to fit our masculine leadership paradigm, change the way we all see power & leadership

People skills are critical to success

Value people skills and interpersonal effectiveness such as collaboration, resolve conflicts, negotiate, communicate ideas effectively, know your strengths/weaknesses, win-win, sell yourself

Focus on more internal, intrinsic values like being of service and doing meaningful work vs. externals like becoming rich and famous

How to be in charge of what ‘Having it all’ means for you

Be in charge of what “having it all” means for you

Great resources on the topic of success

For great ideas about how to empower your daughter, check out Dr. Jordan’s book: She Leads: A Practical Guide for Raising Girls Who Advocate, Influence, and Lead

For more information on all of Dr. Jordan’s books, camps, and school programs, visit


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