A Self-Care Primer for Girls and Women

Show Notes: Health coach Marnie Dachis Marmet discusses the many ways girls & parents can practice regular self-care, including sleep, nutrition, yoga, and mindfulness.

Why girls don’t practice regular self-care

Marnie shares the reasons why teens and adults don’t take the time to practice regular self-care.

Benefits of yoga

Learn the many health and mental health benefits of yoga

Self-care habits for girls to develop

Learn about some invaluable self-care habits girls can incorporate into their lives, including: sleep, nutrition, exercise, coping skills to manage stress, screen time balance, maintaining healthy relationships, and mindfulness tools

Disciplining yourself to practice self-care

Dr. Jordan and Marnie discuss how to encourage teens to develop the discipline to practice these habits on a regular basis.

Contact Marnie Dachis Marmet: https://zenfullifecoaching.com

Check out Marnie’s new book,  “My Song Unleashed.” 

Read this article on the 9 benefits of yoga, John Hopkins medicine

Check out resources for teens and parents at Dr. Jordan’s website, https://drtimjordan.com


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