All I really need to know I learned by walking to school

Past generations had far more geographic freedom to roam, play, and create adventures, and the lessons kids accrued from these experiences were vital to their development into competent adults. With apologies to Robert Fulghum, all I really need to know I learned from experiencing unsupervised activities such as walking to school, spending all day playing in the woods, and crossing busy … [Read more...]

The coming of the King and Messiah? In name only

I was shocked when I came across an article listing the fastest rising baby names of 2014. Major, King, and Messiah topped the boys list, but a little research uncovered even more absurdity. Another article listing the hottest names of 2015 introduced us to Alivia, Bryony, Indie, and Pandora. And of course who could forget the names Jerusalem, Sabbath, Bender, and my two personal favorites, Babble … [Read more...]

4 Presents for Your High School Graduate

High school graduation is just around the corner, but it’s not too late to start gifting your daughter with skills she will need to successfully launch out into the world. Here are four crucial ways to parent proactively for the long-term. 1. Space: As girls enter their junior and senior years of high school, they need more unsupervised time and space to make their own decisions, take care … [Read more...]

Value Passion Where You Find It

Anna is a junior in high school, and with a 2.0 GPA she has attracted the wrath of her parents and teachers who constantly drone on about her lack of effort and motivation. She has been labeled as ‘lazy’ and depressed, and has become more withdrawn at home and with teachers. Worse yet, Anna has embraced her labels as true, which further discourages her. She has been diagnosed with some learning … [Read more...]