Bullies beware! Your words no longer hurt me

Julia, 10, came bounding into my office and shouted, “OMG, it worked!” Her energy screamed confidence and pride. This was a 180-degree switch from her visit with me two weeks prior, when she felt like a victim to the Queen Bee in her class. What had changed? She had learned and then utilized some skills to handle teasing and bullying in school. I worry that we are raising a generation of girls … [Read more...]

Dad’s Unique Gifts For Their Daughters

Dads have a unique role to play in raising girls who are confident, resilient, and happy. Here are a few gifts that dads give to their daughters.  After spending 2 three-day weekend retreats in Pennsylvania and California with dads and their 7-9 year old daughters, my belief in the power of play has been rekindled. And I don't mean just play, I mean rough and tumble play. There is research … [Read more...]

Legally Blonde: A Modern Fairy Tale

Some of my middle school girl campers encouraged me to watch the movie Legally Blonde, and I'm glad I did.  Like in the old versions of fairy tales, there are some valuable metaphors in there that are good reminders for adolescent girls. Reese Witherspoon's character, Elle, starts out as the queen bee of a sorority house, ruling the roost in a catty but powerful way.  She's willing to give … [Read more...]

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

When I told people I was about to embark on a one week all girls camp for grade school and middle school girls, I heard the usual litany of dire predictions about overwhelming amounts of emotions and hormones and drama.  As it turned out, it was nothing of the sort. We assembled 48 female campers, 20 in grade school and 28 in middle school, along with 16 women staff and 4 guys, me included.  Our … [Read more...]