All I really need to know I learned by walking to school

Past generations had far more geographic freedom to roam, play, and create adventures, and the lessons kids accrued from these experiences were vital to their development into competent adults. With apologies to Robert Fulghum, all I really need to know I learned from experiencing unsupervised activities such as walking to school, spending all day playing in the woods, and crossing busy … [Read more...]

Where to find the best education? Not where you think  

I have written in recent blogs about why it doesn’t really matter where you go to college, and about how college is not for everyone. Let’s take it a step further today and look at this question: Where do you get the best education? My answer may surprise you, because I don’t think it’s found in school. One of my sons graduated from college, took on the challenge of teaching middle school … [Read more...]


Listening to my sons, ages 27 and 23, describing their recent adventures in South America to a friend reminded me of why such trips are so valuable for young people.  The 27 year old was there for 10 months, his brother for 5 months. The trip was made possible by both working hard for a year and saving their money; when do our kids today ever have to delay gratification like that? It caused them … [Read more...]

Stop Babying Your Children!!!

As I walked through the streets of Cusco, Peru last week, I noticed so many young children standing on the curbs of some really busy streets. There were some tiny little, probably 2 year olds out there at night while their moms swept out their shops. I kept wanting to grab them out of harms way, but after a while I realized they weren't in harms way at all because they had already learned enough … [Read more...]