Sitting alone at lunch: the saddest girls I know

The saddest girls I know are worried every morning before they go to school. Will anybody greet me at my locker? Will anyone pick me for the project? Most importantly, will I have anyone to sit with at lunch? It breaks my heart to hear girls talk about sitting alone at lunch each day. Ellie, 17, finally stood up to the Queen Bee in her friend group, resulting in the whole group ditching her. … [Read more...]

028: Should Girls be Allowed to Wear Sexy Outfits? Yes and No

In this week's podcast, listeners will learn: ŸThe different ways parents judge girl’s outfits ŸUnderstand why girls wear revealing clothes ŸWhy girls feel powerless to stop harassment from boys ŸPractical advice on how to handle this issue without power struggles … [Read more...]

8 reasons to not worry about 13 Reasons Why

When it comes to TV shows like 13 Reasons Why, don’t be afraid and reactive; be present and proactive. Working with girls for over 30 years and having read a lot of history books has given me a different perspective than most people when it comes to teen issues like sexuality, grades, or the latest hot topic to arouse angst; in this case, the TV series 13 Reasons Why. For those of you who … [Read more...]

“Un-Words” girls desperately need to gain self-esteem and happiness

I have come across a slew of “UN-Words” that describe some essential qualities all girls require for a healthy transformation from a girl to a woman. These virtues are also needed for gaining self-esteem, passion, and happiness. Unreachable: Girls need to have times in each day when they are unplugged from technology, where their friends can't get a hold of them. Why? So they have time to … [Read more...]

027: Feelings

Many girls and young women are disconnected from their emotions, and they pay a price for this. In this podcast, Dr. Jordan will discuss: The reasons why girls don’t know what they are feeling The role of busyness, electronics, pressure to be perfect, distractions, and the increased relationship aggression in this problem The cost of girls have become too outer-directed Ways for … [Read more...]

How my dog Buddy saved a young girl

Okay, so Buddy didn't REALLY save anyone. But he has proven to be a girl's best friend; here's how. A seven year old girl I’ll call Rachel came begrudgingly into my office for a visit, and she was so miffed at being there she wouldn’t shake my hand or tell me her name. She stomped into my room, sat on the loveseat, crossed her arms, and stuck out her chin as if to say, “Just try to make me … [Read more...]

026: What Parents Need to Know About Social Media

Included in this week's podcast: The real reasons girls love social media How we are shrinking girls' geographic freedom Life lessons we learned by having freedom and unsupervised time … [Read more...]

Stop the race to nowhere and enjoy the ride!

Life truly has become a race to nowhere. A group of tourists were on a bus traveling through gorgeous Tuscany countryside, but an odd thing occurred. The shades on the windows were all pulled down such that no one could see what was beyond the windows. They spent the entire trip squabbling about who got to sit in the front row, who got to sit by the window, and who was to be applauded. And so … [Read more...]

025: Girls with Anxiety: Why They Are the Most Courageous People I Know

Included in this week's podcast: Why anxious girls are incredibly courageous Why girls have school anxiety including issues with friends, dating partners, learning, and temperament What girls need from parents to overcome anxiety … [Read more...]

The lesson of the butterfly: Let kids struggle and develop resilience!

There is great value in allowing children to struggle, but it requires mom and dad parenting with the long term in mind. It’s often quicker and easier in the moment to do things for kids, rescue them, and solve their problems. In the long run, you’ve made them dependent and lacking crucial coping skills like self-reliance and resilience, both necessary for a successful life. A grandfather … [Read more...]