026: What Parents Need to Know About Social Media

Included in this week's podcast: The real reasons girls love social media How we are shrinking girls' geographic freedom Life lessons we learned by having freedom and unsupervised time … [Read more...]

Stop the race to nowhere and enjoy the ride!

Life truly has become a race to nowhere. A group of tourists were on a bus traveling through gorgeous Tuscany countryside, but an odd thing occurred. The shades on the windows were all pulled down such that no one could see what was beyond the windows. They spent the entire trip squabbling about who got to sit in the front row, who got to sit by the window, and who was to be applauded. And so … [Read more...]

025: Girls with Anxiety: Why They Are the Most Courageous People I Know

Included in this week's podcast: Why anxious girls are incredibly courageous Why girls have school anxiety including issues with friends, dating partners, learning, and temperament What girls need from parents to overcome anxiety … [Read more...]

The lesson of the butterfly: Let kids struggle and develop resilience!

There is great value in allowing children to struggle, but it requires mom and dad parenting with the long term in mind. It’s often quicker and easier in the moment to do things for kids, rescue them, and solve their problems. In the long run, you’ve made them dependent and lacking crucial coping skills like self-reliance and resilience, both necessary for a successful life. A grandfather … [Read more...]

024: Ghosts in the Nursery

In this podcast, Dr. Jordan will use many anecdotal stories to help you: ŸUnderstand the concept of “Ghosts in the nursery” and how it affects parenting ŸRecognize examples of unresolved issues/ emotions from our past that become ghosts ŸIdentify issues that occur prenatally, perinatally, and during infancy that predispose you to parent differently ŸLearn how to tame your … [Read more...]

Unchaperoned spring break for high schoolers? No way!

Should you allow high schoolers to go on spring break unchaperoned? No way! Here's why and also some tips on how to stay calm when your kids are losing it. http://www.kmov.com/clip/13173097/dr-tim-jordan   … [Read more...]

023: Best Remedy for Stressed Girls: Down Time

Included in this week's podcast: ŸWhy down time is therapeutic for stressed girls ŸThe benefits of unplugged time without screens ŸActivities that calm girls down and fill their cups … [Read more...]

Simon Sinek’s millennial paradox: He’s making matters worse!

Simon Sinek’s solution to the problem’s facing millennials in the workplace (Sinek video)is a repeat of what got them there in the first place. While I concur with Sinek about the challenges employers face in dealing with this young workforce, his placing the onus of responsibility on companies is misplaced and apt to make matters worse. Top 500 business owners and CEO’s I have spoken with all … [Read more...]

022: End with the Beginning in Mind

Included in this week's podcast: Ÿ Rediscovering qualities of little girls before launching out into the world Ÿ What girls need to keep those qualities alive Ÿ How to re-decide negative decisions about themselves Ÿ The importance of retaining love of learning, not caring about what others think, and speaking your mind Ÿ How to become more inner-directed and free … [Read more...]

Stressed girls? Down time and play bring girls back down to earth

I spent last weekend with a group of high school girls and 10 of our staff, and was reminded again of the power of down time. Girls and their families are busy and stressed these days with mounds of homework, supervised activities, and of course screens, leaving little time to relax and just be. Getting away for a weekend retreat and unplugging from technology provided us the opportunity to do it … [Read more...]