045: Consent 2.0: What girls and boys need to learn

In this podcast, listeners will learn: Conditioning girls and boys receive that contributes to the problem of sexual harassment How to teach kids about respect and consent How to teach kids about consent in sexual situations The personal growth/ awareness teens need to be able to take care of themselves in relationships The awareness/ skills boys need to overcome the limiting “man … [Read more...]

5 crucial tools women need to stop sexual harassment

So much of the focus in the media lately has been on the impropriety of eminent men sexually harassing women, with no attention to teaching teenagers the tools of prevention. I’m focusing this blog on five things girls need to take care of themselves with full knowledge that boys have just as much or more to learn in this regard. Listen to my upcoming blog on how to educate boys about sexual … [Read more...]

044: Meghan Markle, Labels, and Being in Charge of Your Story

Using a story about Meghan Markle, Dr. Jordan will show how negative labels girls accept from their peers have a powerful impact on how they act. Listeners will also learn about common harmful labels girls receive, the costs to them, and how to help them be in charge of their story and decisions about themselves.   Heart2Heart has launched! A new, safe and secure online community for teen and … [Read more...]

Raising girl’s self-esteem and grit: Un-Words critical for girls to embrace

There are some crucial qualities girls need to develop self-esteem and grit. I described four of these in a previous blog, and today I am adding four more “un-words” to the list. Unaffected: The happiest girls I know are the ones who don’t care what other people think about them. They don’t give their power away by allowing disrespectful words or gossip to hurt their feelings, and they make … [Read more...]

043: Do Not Give Presents to Kids this Holiday Season

Get into the holiday spirit with these stories about: An Olympic athlete who demonstrated true sportsmanship How a random act of kindness launched Carol Burnett’s career How the love of a brother inspired the famous drawing ‘The Praying Hands’ How the compassion of one woman created a moment of transformation during WWII How Bobby Orr’s kindness changed a little boy’s life … [Read more...]

The best present for kids this holiday: failure!

The best present your child can receive this holiday season is opportunity: to fail, to cooperate, and to slow down and do nothing. Forget the latest fads in clothes, toys, and technology. What every child needs are more opportunities for growth, grit, creativity, innovation, and daydreaming. If you are not prepared to be wrong and make mistakes, you will never create anything original. Ken … [Read more...]

042: Husbands and Fathers: The Nature of the Beast

There are important evolutionary reasons why dads act the way they do. In this podcast, Dr. Jordan will discuss the wiring of the male brain and the conditioning men received growing up that has influenced the way dads behave. He will talk about issues such as why dads work so much, why they have a hard time just listening without trying to fix everything, and how dads really can relate to their … [Read more...]

Depression in adolescent girl “caretakers”

One of the major causes of depression in adolescent girls is their failure to take care of themselves. There are many reasons for this occurring, and the following are stories of real girls who have suffered because of their role as "caretaker". I have changed their names for anonymity. Izzy’s older sister has been causing chaos in the family for years, including drug and alcohol usage, … [Read more...]

041: Gratitude

In this podcast, listeners will learn: Positive effects of gratitude on kids, teens, and adults Reasons why gratitude is so valuable 15 Ways to express gratitude 10 Ways to teach kids to be grateful … [Read more...]

Burned out youth athletes: it’s time to abolish college athletic scholarships

It’s time to abolish college sports and thus scholarships for athletes, and return the focus on campus to education. More importantly, this might have a trickle-down effect to lessen the pressure of youth sports. The $10.6 billion-dollar revenue of NCAA sports is matched today by a youth sports economy that brings in about $15.3 billion, a 55% increase since 2010. Like college sports, youth sports … [Read more...]