“I hate my body!”

Do you want to hear some of the horrifying thoughts running through the heads of adolescent girl’s about their bodies? I heard these recently at one of my camps for high school girls. It makes me sad knowing what girls are facing these days, and too often without guidance and support. The following are just a few of the statements as expressed by these teens. “I’m fat; I wish I was skinnier; I … [Read more...]

Girls Are Way More Than Their Looks And Appearance

You are your looks. Your appearance and 'hotness' is what matters most. Your power comes from displaying your body, and the more displayed the better. If you got it, flaunt it. You also gain much of your power by attracting the attention of guys. These and other myths about beauty and the standards that girls and women are supposed to reach for have been determined historically by … [Read more...]

The Miley Cyrus Culture

I am soooo glad people like Miley do what they do, because they provide continuous  opportunities for parents to talk to and listen to their children.  Don't fret and don't judge, just listen, watch, and educate. Research shows that girls who watch TV shows and movies with their moms and discuss what they are seeing receive much needed protection from the unhealthy messages being portrayed. … [Read more...]


I was struck with something the actress Leslie Mann said in an interview in the December 21, 2013 issue of Entertainment Weekly. Here is a quote from the article: "When I was little, my family said, 'you know, when kids aren't attractive, sometimes they grow up to be attractive, she says.' But I don't see myself as pretty. My face is weird and long. I do weird things with my mouth and I have a … [Read more...]