What I did on summer break: I got by with a little help from my friends!

Have you ever put your heart and soul into something you love to do, and at the end felt spent? That’s where I’m at currently, emotionally and physically drained, but happy as a clam and incredibly content. It’s the best kind of tired I know of. Here’s a sampling of maybe the best summer I’ve ever experienced. I ran three one-week camps for girls, in addition to two four-day father-daughter … [Read more...]

Why camp friendships last a lifetime

What is missing from this picture? Look closely, and you will notice that not one of these teenage girls is holding her cell phone, and they survived! That is one of the best things about girls coming to a week of our camp, they unplug from technology and plug into nature and friends. One of the benefits of a week away at summer camp is the friendships you make. Without parents around, kids get … [Read more...]

Over-Complicated Parenting

I read in the newspaper recently an article about researching summer camps for your children, and it reminded me once again of how over-complicated we have made parenting. The "camp advisor" stated that "the best way to find the "perfect" summer experience for their child was to plan early, because done right, the process of finding the right camp can take an entire year's worth of research." … [Read more...]

It’s Time for Camp!!!!

The excitement is building, because tomorrow 20 camp counselors will convene at my house to prepare for the equally jacked-up 50 campers who will descend on our camp Sunday afternoon for a week of fun-in-the-sun. And what could be better than that!   Going away for a week of summer camp is an adventure for kids of all ages. It's a chance to reinvent yourself and bust out. Everyone is kind of … [Read more...]