Sitting alone at lunch: the saddest girls I know

The saddest girls I know are worried every morning before they go to school. Will anybody greet me at my locker? Will anyone pick me for the project? Most importantly, will I have anyone to sit with at lunch? It breaks my heart to hear girls talk about sitting alone at lunch each day. Ellie, 17, finally stood up to the Queen Bee in her friend group, resulting in the whole group ditching her. … [Read more...]

Stop treating struggling teen girls like they are broken

It is often reported that anxiety and depression in children, and girls in particular, is on the rise. Girls today feel more stressed out and overwhelmed than ever before. Is this an exaggeration, and if not, what’s going on? Research says that women are 60% more likely than men to experience an anxiety disorder over their lifetime with the average age of onset at 11 years. By … [Read more...]

Why amazing girls feel lonely

Some of the most mature, socially-emotionally intelligent tween and adolescent girls I know feel lonely and out of the loop with peers. It used to shock me, but no longer. Their stories have revealed the truth behind their disconnection. Madeleine, 15, was ditched by her group of friends in 7th grade after they chose to hang out with the more popular group at school. She didn’t like the way … [Read more...]

Every Girl Is Meant to Shine

The nail that stands up gets hammered down. Unknown The most common reason girls don’t speak their minds, handle conflicts directly, and ask for what they want is their fear of making other people mad and losing friendships. And because of the way society is wired today, there is a lot of validity for these worries. If a girl decides she is going to be honest and speak her mind, especially if … [Read more...]

A Different Take on Cyberbullying

An article from the LA Times written by Jessica Guynn and Janet Stobart about the social networking site caught my eye this morning.  This site is catching major flak because of it's being linked to 4 teen suicides.  But is it really the fault of an online site that teens are committing suicide?  I don't believe that's true. I have written before of my belief  that bullying that occurs … [Read more...]