Stressed girls? Down time and play bring girls back down to earth

I spent last weekend with a group of high school girls and 10 of our staff, and was reminded again of the power of down time. Girls and their families are busy and stressed these days with mounds of homework, supervised activities, and of course screens, leaving little time to relax and just be. Getting away for a weekend retreat and unplugging from technology provided us the opportunity to do it … [Read more...]

Why women in college binge drink

A recent blog on alcohol poisoning motivated me to ask a group of late high school and college aged women why they think their peers drink to such excesses. About half of college students who drink consume alcohol through binge drinking, resulting in over 1800 deaths and more than 97,000 victims of alcohol-related sexual assaults or date rapes. The following are reasons for this behavior according … [Read more...]

Are You Happy?

I remember driving my mom somewhere years ago after having been practicing Pediatrics for a year or two, when out of the blue she asked me: "Are you happy?" That was so unlike my mom; she more often had an opinion more so than a question. And it really gave me pause: was I happy? I’d had my nose to the grindstone with 4 years of college, 4 years medical school, 3 years residency, and finally 2 … [Read more...]

The Headache of Being A Girl Today

At a recent Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics conference, I learned some interesting facts concerning girls and headaches. A 2001 study by Lipton, Maytal, and Winner found that 57-82% of all kids aged 7-15 experience headaches, an increase over the past decades. 20-30% of teen girls also get migraines, ten times more often than boys at that age. These migraines are not usually related to … [Read more...]

Amazing Grace

Grace, 14, is a straight A student, a star on her select basketball team, and tries desperately hard to be perfect in everything that she does. And, in her words, it’s not enough to be perfect; “I feel every day like I have to be amazing!” That’s obviously an impossible benchmark to live up to, but Grace continually strives to reach it each and every day. Much of her stress comes from comparing … [Read more...]