Best antidote for the holiday blues? An attitude of gratitude

There is no better antidote for the holiday blues than gratitude. Thankfulness raises your spirits because you cannot be in a state of anxiety, worry, or anger at the same time you are experiencing gratitude; it’s just not possible. A study of couples found that people who expressed gratitude for their partner felt more positive about them and felt safer expressing concerns about their … [Read more...]

Gratitude: The Gift that Keeps On Giving

You can teach your children many different ways to express gratitude during the holiday season and throughout the year. Here are some of my favorite ways to do so. 1. Thank people in person. People like to know that you really appreciate their gifts. Let them know you notice how they went out of their way to help you and how it may have cost them to do it. 2. Insist on your kids writing … [Read more...]

To Everyone That I Know:

THANK YOU!!! … [Read more...]


It was 9 PM on a wednesday evening as I walked with my wife Anne along a darkened wharf in Cabo, Mexico. A small, solitary  figure approached us, and to my surprise it was a cute little girl whose name we discovered was Jennifer. She was holding a box of trinkets, little animals, the kind sold in every shop and street corner in Mexico. Normally I politely beg off on paying any attention to street … [Read more...]