Teen Journey for Girls

Dr. Tim and our amazing staff lead a weekend retreat just for high school girls (9th - 12th). Go to Campweloki.com for more information.   … [Read more...]

Kids Process Newtown Tragedy

I sat this week in a classroom of 5th grade students, a class I have worked with  with my wife many times since they started the 4th grade last school year. We have been helping them learn how to create a caring classroom community, and they are awesome! Monday, they had the Sandy Hook School shooting on their minds, so we opened up the floor for anyone to share how they were feeling about the … [Read more...]

Are Teachers Harder On Girls?

The old logic held that teachers were harder on boys and that boys got into trouble a lot more than girls. I ran a weekend retreat recently for middle school girls and they had a different perspective on this issue. These girls felt like teachers were much harder on the girls because they had much higher expectations for girls academically. Girls saw evidence each day that boys were less … [Read more...]

Inappropriate Tweets Deserve Consequences And Education

I read with interest the articles in the Post Dispatch about 10 teens suspended from a local high school for inappropriate tweeting. The ACLU got involved, saying its not in the schools jurisdiction to do so. I disagree. Every student at the beginning of the year signed an agreement about posting comments that were inappropriate on the internet and cellphones, after what the school described as … [Read more...]