Why girls and women gossip

Why do girls gossip so much? Let me count the ways. It starts early in life, and for most persists throughout their lifetime. I have listened to girls in grade school through college at my retreats and camps discussing this issue, and the following are reasons they give for why people gossip. Gossiping first and foremost becomes a way for girls to connect, even if it’s at the expense of others. … [Read more...]

Why girls like drama

There is a reason why girls in middle school get enmeshed in drama: there are a lot of payoffs. Yes, that’s right, girls receive goodies for being involved in drama and it contributes to keeping them stuck. A group of girls in 6th-8th grade at a recent weekend retreat I facilitated shared the reasons being their involvement, and I think you might be surprised by their insights. Drama looks like … [Read more...]

Girl Talk

I had the privilege of sitting down with 6 sixth grade girls recently to give them input into what we would cover with our upcoming Strong Girls Strong World Program with their class. I asked one question, and off they went. It was awesome! It reminded me of several things. Girls are hard-wired to connect, be in groups, avoid conflict and maintain social harmony, and to communicate. So it is … [Read more...]

Middle Schoolers and Instagram Don’t Mix

There was another new story recently about someone at a local middle school misusing a social networking site to bully fellow students, this time Instagram. Which begs the question, at least for me: why are middle school aged kids  allowed on such sites in the 1st place? I work with kids this age a lot; in my counseling practice, and also especially in my retreats and camps for middle school … [Read more...]