Adolescent Girls Lose Self-Esteem? I Don’t Buy It!!

We have been reading in the literature since the 1970's that girls starting in middle school lose their self-esteem and don't get it back for years.  But from my experiences working with girls at these ages, I don't buy this mantra. I wrote in a recent blog about our "spa night" at our all-girls camp, trying to capture the spirit of that week.  What girls have demonstrated to me over and … [Read more...]

A Spa Night at Camp

I just finished spending a week with 50 girls going into the 5th-9th grade at my Strong Girls Strong World Camp. When I told people what I was going to be up to, most of them rolled their eyes and and said something to the effect of: "Why would anyone want to spend a week with hormonal girls embroiled in mega-drama?" Actually, why would you NOT want to hang with girls of this age? By the way, … [Read more...]

The Un-Girl Solution- Part 1

As I have been writing my new book about adolescent girls, I have come across a slew of UN-words that describe some essential qualities all girls require for a healthy transformation from girl to woman. For instance, unreachable.  Girls need to have times in each day when they are unplugged from technology, where their friends can't get a hold of them.  Why?  So they have time to decompress and … [Read more...]

The Value of Fairy Tales

As I read the recent stories about women who are trying to manage both a top-level career and their home-life, I am reminded of the lessons contained in many of the traditional fairy tales like Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. I'm not talking about the Disney versions; I'm referring to the original versions written as folk tales by authors like the Grimm Brothers and Charles Perrault back in the … [Read more...]


"Don't lean back, lean in. Put your foot to that gas pedal and keep it there until the day you have to make a decision, and then make a decision. That's the only way, when that day comes, you'll have a decision to make." Sheryl Sandberg- commencement address to Barnard College Sheryl Sandberg is NOT helping the cause of adolescent girls and young women. In fact, her message is incredibly … [Read more...]